Delivery Information

  • We send out a text message with a two-hour window of expected delivery. Please note this is an approximation only. Although we do our best to make sure your order will arrive on time, there are various factors which may cause our driver to run late. As such we make no guarantee that your order will arrive during the specified time. If our driver is running late we will, if practical, send out another text message with an updated estimate.

  • We advertise 'next day delivery' and 'same-day delivery'. This is only possible if your suburb is allocated to a run on that day.

Returns/Credits Policy

  • It is our aim to only provide the freshest produce. We have quality control systems in place for checking produce as it arrives and leaves our warehouse.

  • Doorstep offers full credit for any product provided that is not of the best quality. We ask you to inform us as soon as possible after receiving your order and within 2 hours. If possible we will deliver replacement items or we will issue a credit on your account to be deducted from your next order. If this does not suit, you can request a credit directly onto your credit card. If you do not request a credit or contact us within 2 hours, we reserve the right to refuse credit.

  • If you have ordered an item incorrectly, we reserve the right to refuse a refund. 

  • We do not offer returns and credits for 'change of mind'.

  • If we have supplied you with an item incorrectly or provided the wrong item in error, we will issue a refund and will pick up the incorrect item at which time we will deliver the correct item. However, you will need to make the item available for pick up on our next delivery run to your area. If you have used the item or thrown it away, we reserve the right to reject your claim for a refund. All claims for credit due to missing or incorrect items must be made to Doorstep within 2 hours of the delivery being received.