Some dogs are lactose intolerant or get upset tummies. Just like us, too much sugar is not good for dogs, but we like to spoil or reward them with a treat.

So one day I asked myself "What treat can I give my dog that I also enjoy?" while I was treating myself to a gelato. That’s how I came up with creating a healthy version of gelato, with no added sugar, milk, artificial colours and flavours. Using the best high-quality ingredients available for humans and dogs. No more suffering any consequences.

Your dog deserves a treat as delicious as it is nutritional. So after we made our first Doglato flavor (mango+carrots), I saw the amazing reaction, not only from dogs but their owners.

This was my inspiration, to perfect and develop other flavours and decide to make Dogalto one of the most healthy and delicious treats for humans and dogs to share.

OUR mission

Doglato has been created out of a love for our dogs, their nutrition convenience, and providing the best customer service in the industry.


All our recipes are balanced to help your dog live a full, happy, and active life with you.

Fresh fruit and vegetables for fiber, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, meaning all the nutrition your dog needs.

Have peace of mind knowing that you’re giving your dog a  nutritionist-approved healthy snack

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Human Grade
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Quality & Standards


We believe that the healthiest choice that you can make is to feed your dog fresh, healthy whole foods that are 100% human-grade. By choosing human-grade food, you can be assured that your dog is eating the best-quality treats around, made with ingredients you know and trust, full of fresh seasonal vegetables and fruit, grown right here in Australia. No preservatives, chemicals or fillers.